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Student Life

Our MADE students are part of the Meadowbrook High School community and are involved in a wide variety of clubs, organizations, and sports teams. We encourage you to make the most of your time at Meadowbrook! 

Our current MADE students are involved in

  • Football, Track/Cross Country, Swim, Tennis

  • Cheerleading, Step Team, MBK Monette's Dance Team

  • Band, Drumline, Orchestra

  • MADE DECA and MADE Student Council

  • Principal's Advisory Council (PAC)

  • Partnership for the Future (PFF)

  • Crochet Club, Drama Drama Club, Crime Solvers Club, YouTuber Club

  • W.E.B Dubious Honors Society

For more information about our sports teams go to:


Do you have an idea for a new club? Just ask! Many of our clubs were started because a student had an idea.

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